Using photographs, video, music, books and poetry,
these sessions engage the senses to help people create their own "Life Story" and work of art.


Community Action Programs of Belknap-Merrimack Counties
Senior Companion Program

My Workshop:
“A Celebration of Who You Are: the Gifts you Bring to this World”

Over 60 people attended a 1 1/2 hour workshop on learning how to see their own gifts. Each person left the workshop with a piece they created reflecting their own beauty and uniqueness.

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Harvard Medical School / Massachusetts General Hospital:
"The Power of Story: A Day of Sharing Among Patients, Caregivers and Providers"

My Workshop: "The Art of Seeing"

“Cynthia’s workshop was beautiful.”
”I’m not used to looking at my life as I’m a photographer and am behind the camera looking at others. Cynthia’s workshop
helped me to see my own gifts - I loved it.”


Portsmouth NH Library:
"A Good Life / A Good Death" / May 2018
My Workshop: Life Stories

New England Interfaith Ministers Retreat
My Workshop:
"The Gifts You Bring to this World / May 2018


Monarch School of New England Life Story / Vision Workshop
January / February 2018


My Workshop: 
Creating and Using Your Life Story as a Vision for 2018

AUDIENCE:  Educators who work with students with significant disabilities.


"Thank you for your inspirational sessions. You created such a relaxing and wonderful atmosphere where I could take the time to reflect on my inner self and create a vision board which I see daily.       - WH

Crafts of the trade I use in my workshops

Crafts of the trade I use in my workshops

New Hampshire Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
August 24, 2017: 5th Annual Hospice Volunteer Education Day

THEME:  Life's Journey: Forgiveness and Healing
My Workshop:
Creative Ways to Offer Forgiveness

AUDIENCE: Over 70 people from New Hampshire that work in hospice.


"Love, Love, Love Cynthia Tokos - so creative, personal and heartfelt - and generous!!"

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Avila Institute of Gerontology
April 2017:  For Healthcare Professionals and Spiritual Caregivers
Theme:  The Art of Forgiveness - A Spiritual and Scientific Approach to Healing

My Workshop: 
Art as Inspiration for Forgiveness

AUDIENCE:  Over 60 healthcare professionals and spiritual caregivers from the United States.


"The jewel in the crown!! Great material and insight to deepen and improve our spiritual care for persons in memory care or at home with dementia."

"I liked the broad use of pictures, poems, books and stories"

The importance of letting go ...

The importance of letting go ...

Beacon Hospice / an Amedisys Company
April 2017:  Hospice Volunteer Celebration Event

My Workshop: 
Celebrating the Beauty of Ordinary People

AUDIENCE:  About 18 hospice volunteers.


"Cynthia's presentation was a gift"

"I was impressed with the manner in which she presented her information using visual and auditory means to capture our attention and to show us her ideas. It made for a very rich experience."

"Very thought provoking"




"Live Until You Die"

With the support of Water Street Bookstore in Exeter, New Hampshire, I created the first "Live Until You Die" community series in which we used books - and speakers - to talk about death and end of life issues.