Tools of my trade: tripod, laptop, iPhone, microphone, recorder and of course, my camera


What is the story of your life? What is your essence; the values and virtues you want others to know about?

In what do you believe and what matters in your life?

I am a photographer - a visual storyteller.

I create stories around people's lives and their journeys to help show off the gifts you bring to this world. I also teach workshops to help individuals create their own "Life Story" piece.

  Your own "Life Story" Book

Your own "Life Story" Book

  1. I am a multi-media storyteller. I use photography, the written word and audio to tell your story which can be put into print or on the web. Some of my work can be found here at "Life Stories."
  2. For those wanting to create a "Life Story" for themselves or to give to another, I teach workshops in which participants use words, photographs and audio to create their own work of art.
  3. Not interested in creating your own Life Story? I can do it for you using photographs, in-person interviews, music and video vignettes. A custom-made book as a gift to keep or give away.