As a visual storyteller, I see the beauty in people's lives, and can help you share your story in a myriad of ways.

My passion is to help people uncover the meaning and core essence of their life, to help them understand the journey they have been on, as a gift to themselves or for others. I have worked with a wide range of people, from those with disabilities, people with dementia, those who have overcome challenges, and those seeking reflection and a deeper understanding of their path.


This is the perfect gift for individuals - to give someone who has just come through a challenging life experience - or as a legacy for one's children or grandchildren. I also photograph / create life story work for organizations.

Choose a Package -

1. the Art of Life Stories Photo Montage / $1,000

This is a three session individual program, working with the person who is seeking to put their life story into words, but needs assistance. Each session is for two hours and will include taking original photography, sifting through meaningful photos of your life, and compiling either an audio or written letter to accompany a photo book. I will help you curate photos to include in the photo book you choose to create.

       Optional Add on: One (1) hour photography session / $200 (includes all digital photographs)

2. the Art of Life Stories Video Reflection / $2,500 

For those who prefer the work of video to writing, I will prepare up to a six (6) minute video reflection, compiled of original interviews and curated still photography from one's life. This package includes one, two hour, one-on-one interview session; one hour working with you to sift through your own photographs to tell your story; a one-hour video interview as well as extensive editing to produce the final video. You will receive a DVD and web link to your story to share with others.

3. the Art of Life Storytelling Workshop / $800 per person, minimum of 4 people

Choose something more meaningful to do with your book club, bunko group or coffee klatch than have a potluck dinner! Sign up for an Art of Life Storytelling Workshop and learn the core essence of how to begin to draft your own individual life story. This is a one evening workshop of two and a half hours that will include a presentation by me, along with exercises to get the group thinking. Each group member will bring in a pre-selected handful of 10 - 12 photos to help shape their story. I will work individually with members to assist them, and all will leave with the beginnings of their own photo book.

      Optional Add on: Individual Sessions following Workshop / $300 each

4. the Art of Life Stories Photo Session / $500

A two hour photo session with you in the setting of your choice, along with people, momentos or pets ... anything that has meaning to you. You can use this to create your own narrative or add it onto a storytelling workshop. All photographs will be provided digitally.

5. Workshop Leader

I am available to lead workshops and retreats - using stories and visuals - for organizations on a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

The Gifts You Bring to this World
The Journey of Forgiveness
End of Life Reflections
Overcoming Life's Challenges
The Role of Faith in Everyday Life