Avila Institute of Gerontology

In early June, I graduated from the Avila Institute of Gerontology's, "2016 Geriatric Spiritual Care" Program. It has been an amazing experience.

Since January 2016, I have spent 3 days / month learning about aging, spiritual care and the dying process. As part of this work, in May, I completed a one-week clinical program at a long-term care nursing facility on Staten Island. Here I interacted with residents from all walks of life. The goal was to learn how to be 'present' with people - to bear witness to one's life's journey.

I left the week very touched by the people I met and the Carmelite Sisters with whom I worked. This experience has provided me with more reason to focus on 'life stories' as it is only through listening to each other that we might better come to understand our world.

And each other.

Narrative Medicine

In late October, I attended a 3 day "Narrative Medicine" workshop at Columbia University. Ninety people from all over the world came together to discuss the need to make healthcare more human. The premise of narrative medicine is that the "care of the sick unfolds in stories." Patients and caregivers need to give voice to their experiences ... to what they know and to who they are.

This work is mine to do.