What is the story of your life? What is your essence; the values and virtues you want others to know about?

In what do you believe and what matters in your life?

This is my work: I create stories around life's journeys to help peopIe see the gifts they bring to this world. I also teach workshops to help individuals create their own "Life Story" pieces.

  1. For those wanting to create a "Life Story" for themselves or to give to another, I Teach Month-Long Workshops in which participants use words, photographs and audio to create their own work of art.
  2. Not interested in creating your own Life Story? I can do it for you using photographs, in-person interviews, music and video vignettes. A custom-made book as a gift to keep or give away.
  3. I present to groups interested in 1/2 day sessions learning about their legacy and the gifts they pass on in this world.



Your own Life Story Book